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You don’t need us to tell you that the ASX has had a pretty volatile year. March 2020 saw the biggest monthly loss on record, including the biggest daily percentage fall ever seen. This was swiftly followed by the largest monthly gain on record in April. With more economic uncertainty on the horizon, it doesn’t […]

By Marketech September 23, 2020

Technical analysis divides the world of trading. Some see it as the answer to staying ahead of the market and maximising profits. Others view learning and applying its principles as a waste of time. Time which could be better spent understanding business fundamentals to uncover stocks that have the right ingredients for growth. So which […]

By Marketech September 8, 2020

If long-term investing is about ‘time in the market’, successful trading is all about timing the market, especially if the markets are whipsawing in response to global events. So how do you increase the likelihood that you’re on the right side of market movement? In this blog, we’ll have a look at three high probability […]

By Marketech September 4, 2020

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