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Stockhead article published 8/7/2020. Does the announcement make you think that it could be really good, if you read it a certain way (Tick!), and does it leave the door open for uncapped speculative potential (tick tick tick … BOOOOOM!!!). The full article can be found at:

By Marketech July 9, 2020

Stockhead article published 1/7/2020. The most dangerous sentences ever uttered by a trader in speculative shares: “It’ll be different this time”. “I can’t sell, I’d get crushed by tax.” “This is a long-term hold.” The full article can be found at:

By Marketech July 1, 2020

Kalkine Media article published 24/6/2020. For a lot of people who are looking to start investing or already investing in stocks on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), having access to feature rich and yet an affordable trading platform is paramount. Furthermore, a lot of people face numerous challenges while coping with several requirements that boost […]

By Marketech June 30, 2020

Smallcaps article published 24/6/2020. Marketech is well positioned to capitalise on this large and existing market, which has grown from strong and new interest in ASX capital markets in recent months. Read the full article:

By Marketech June 24, 2020

Stockhead article published 24/6/2020. What the dark art of charting can teach us about gold investments. The full article can be found at:

By Marketech June 24, 2020

Stockhead article published 22/6/2020. “To get the local view, Stockhead caught up last week with representatives from two domestic trading platforms — the US-focused Stake, and new entrant Marketech Focus. They suggest the opportunity to profit from the disruption caused by the pandemic hasn’t been lost on young Australian investors either.” The full article can […]

By Marketech June 22, 2020

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