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What happens now?

Once you’ve entered your email you’ll be asked to choose a password. Then you’ll go straight to the Marketech Focus web platform AND you’ll have 2 weeks to use the platform free!

If you want to open a trading account you’ll need to go to the website (sorry, you can’t do it on the app!) there’s a button under ‘My Accounts’. You’ll be taken to a secure online portal to open a real share account at Openmarkets and a bank account at Macquarie.

Don’t forget to download the free app for the full experience!

How can I contact you?

You can get in touch with us via email at

How does this work?

The platform gives you the live ASX market data immediately, with just your email address (so we can get you a password). If you decide to stick around, we will send you a reminder to set up billing and you can cancel at any time – the subscription is paid in advance month to month.

If you want to trade the market, there’s a simple online process for opening an account – which creates an account at Openmarkets and a cash management account with Macquarie. Transferring in your shares (if you have any already) and cash might take a couple of days, and then we’ll link it all to your app.

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through each step and you’ll have your very own client portal for top-notch service and support!

OpenMarkets are Australia’s largest independent non-bank-owned Clearing Participant, and Macquarie Bank’s multi-award-winning Cash Management Account. So the shares are real shares, they’re safely held in your name on your own HIN and your money is protected by the government FCS scheme.

Do I have to open a trading account?

No – maybe you want to keep your own broker and use this to keep informed, or maybe you just want to learn the market with real time information. You can always change your mind and open one in the future.

Also, a toddler with a phone could use the app (maybe?), but you need to be 18+ to open an actual share trading account.

How safe is it?

Make sure you password protect your phones people! The stock data is freely accessible after you log-in, but your portfolio information is protected by another password that you choose. There is no way to steal your money or your shares from this app, but you don’t want someone to place bad trades on your account – so make the password strong!

If you decide to open a trading account your investments are held at Openmarkets in an account in your name on the CHESS electronic share register, and if you decide to change broker you can move your whole account. Your cash is held in your new Macquarie CMA, in your name.

Your shares, your cash, your accounts.

You can only buy shares if you have the money in your account, and you can only sell shares that you already have. So don’t worry, you can’t accidentally buy the whole stockmarket at once! Also, a lot of the market rules are built into the trading system, so you may find an error message if you make a mistake – but you’ll always have a chance to check your trade before you place it.

Its now up to you to manage your own investment risk, so read and learn and take advantage of the practice account before entering the real market. We have a lot of cool features that can help you manage your trading, so maybe start with our alerts and trade planner.

Can I transfer my shares in?

Course you can! You might have to download and sign a form though, as a lot of the dinosaur trading companies we compete with haven’t caught up to new technology – sometimes we have to fax them! You’ll need your share statements to find either your HIN or your SRN, which references the shares and where they are.

Do I get interest on my cash?

Seems like a crazy question, but yeah, you sure do, if Macquarie are paying interest. Its your money after all…

If you open a trading account you’ll get a new Macquarie CMA and access to your client portal at Macquarie online.

Can you tell me what to buy?

No, but if you aren’t sure maybe you need a little more time on the practice account? Share markets are risky but can also be very rewarding if you make the time to learn. Otherwise you probably need advice.

We provide the platform for you to place the trades, the market information from the ASX, charts to see where the stocks have been – but you are the one that needs to decide where you think they are going.

And don’t forget to update your price/volume and news alerts so you don’t have to stay glued to the screen!

What can I buy?

As soon as you open a trading account and have cash available, you can buy ASX listed shares or ETF’s. Soon we hope to expand that offering and will keep you informed!

How much do I need?

There are rules on the ASX and our interpretation is that the smallest amount of stock you can buy is $500 – so its $505 including brokerage.

Reasons you’ll love Marketech

Trades from $5

Low monthly subscription and trades from $5 - you can get started with as little as $500!

Intuitive trading app

Trading made simple. Easy to scan your watchlist and buy & sell with just a few taps on your phone.

Stock on HIN

Trade with your Holder Identification Number, where you own real shares in your name.

Trade with any device

At home, at work, or on the go, trade with desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Trade your way in your time.

Live ASX Pricing

Listed company information including share price, news headlines and price history charts.

Price & news alerts on the go

Find out what’s happening in the markets. Receive notifications when your stocks move and updates on those you follow.

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