Conditional Trading Risk Disclosure Statement

Effective Date: 07 December 2023

This Risk Disclosure Statement does not disclose all the risks associated with the use of Conditional Order (inc Conditional/Stop Orders and Trailing Stop Orders) instruction. It should not be relied upon as a complete explanation of the risks involved with using a Conditional Order, but as a guide. If you need further explanation of the risks associated with the use of Conditional Orders, you should seek appropriate professional advice.

  1. While the intention of a Conditional Order instruction is to limit losses and/or maximise profits, an instruction may not always be effective because market conditions may make it impossible to execute a particular instruction.
  2. A triggered Conditional Order instruction does not guarantee that your order will be filled, and you are responsible for monitoring the status of your Conditional Order and/or resultant market order.
  3. Market conditions, such as a lack of liquidity or a rapid moving market, may result in a lack of counterparty volume to purchase/sell securities once the order has been triggered, resulting in partial or no execution of your order, or the execution of the order at a significantly less favourable price than where your trigger condition is met.
  4. Action by a Market Operator (eg ASX), such as the suspension of trading in certain securities, may make it difficult or impossible to effect transactions so as to limit losses or maximise profits.
  5. A Conditional Order instruction does not make any provision for temporary falls or rises in security prices. Security prices may return to, exceed or fall short of the Trigger price at which Marketech was instructed to buy or sell, within a short period of time.
  6. It may not be possible for Marketech to carry out your instruction, if to do so would, in the opinion of Marketech, Openmarkets or the regulatory authorities, result in manipulating or influencing the price of a security, market rigging, insider trading, disruption of the market, threatening the integrity of the market, misleading or deceptive conduct concerning dealings in the security, or where you do not have proper authority to place a Conditional/Stop Order instruction.
  7. Marketech are not obliged to take any Conditional Order instruction. However, where taken, Conditional Order instructions are taken on a 'best endeavours' basis and as such, their success cannot be guaranteed, and they may be cancelled by Marketech, the Market Operator, or Openmarkets, at any time, for any reason.
  8. Any error, failure, delay or malfunction in Marketech, Openmarkets or the Market Operator systems may result in an order not being entered in accordance with the terms of the Conditional Order. For example, a Conditional Order may not be triggered if the relevant Trigger occurred during an error, failure, delay or malfunction in Marketech, Openmarkets or the Market Operator systems.
  9. By placing a Conditional Order instruction you acknowledge, understand and accept, without limitation, all risks associated with the placement of a Conditional Order.