Seamless partnering - the new model for financial services

The old model for financial services was to grow a client base by offering every service in-house via a third-party provider. With so many players involved, client confusion was rife.

The new model is decentralised, connected and clean.

You get to be the best in your chosen field, then partner with specialists, such as Marketech, working together to improve the whole, and your clients get to attribute it all to you.

We are tech, for markets. Our business is about making yours better; non-conflicted, connected, best practice, best product.

We are keen to hear about your needs whether it be about advice delivery, portfolio reporting, trading technology, content distribution, access to different markets - any financial service or adjacent service - we can deliver a better client service together.

If you would like to discuss the new way, please reach out.

You can see our current list of partners below.

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