How Marketech stacks up

Marketech Focus has been built to provide active ASX traders with everything you need to stay on top of the market and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

But obviously many other platforms allow you to trade on the ASX too.

So how are we different?

We’re built for the trader who wants more, while paying less.

How our features compare

When it comes to ASX trading, there are two types of online broker:

  1. Old legacy platforms, usually owned by one of the Big 4 banks – including Commsec, NABtrade, etc.
  2. New entrants to the market which offer cheap brokerage but limited functionality.

Marketech doesn’t fit into either of these categories – our platform combines the tools, data and control that experienced traders need with ultra-low brokerage fees.

Here’s how we stack up:

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Legacy trading platforms

New, low cost entrants

Transparency first

Traditionally, brokers have been rewarded financially for encouraging their clients to trade more frequently. A clear conflict of interest that doesn’t sit well with us.

Instead, we offer a low monthly fee for accessing live market data; with ultra-low brokerage (starting from $5 and maxing out at just 2 basis points) as standard.

Unlike some new online broker platforms, Marketech holds shares in your name with Openmarkets on your Holder Identifier Number (HIN), so you retain control and ownership.


How our low trading fees can make a real difference for you

To show how we compare to a legacy brokerage platform, we’ll share a theoretical, but realistic, example.

Imagine ‘Ian’ has been with CBA since he was a Dollarmite and is now an active ASX trader, using Commsec to execute.

He usually trades around 20 times per month, with 15 of those trades being around $20k and 5 around $40k.

With Commsec, his monthly trading fees are:

Ian’s monthly trading fees with Commsec are $689.50, or $8,274 per year.

When Ian switches to Marketech Focus, his costs to place the exact same trades are:

Ian’s new trading fees are $160 per month or $1,920 per year – a saving of $6,354 per year over Commsec.

Andrew J,
Western Australia

As a frequent trader, the brokerage is the biggest bonus for me. Even with the access fee, at $5 or 0.02% for a trade, it's a huge saving compared to my old broker, especially if I don't want to place a big order all at once.

Then there's the ease with which to place, amend and delete trading orders – especially being able to do that on the chart. It's all very fast.

The sophistication of the charting software, coupled with how easy it is to use – it's extremely effective for those who trade a lot.

Switching is easy

Moving to Marketech is a simple 3 step process:


Complete the application process

The online application process takes less than 10 minutes


Verify your ID

Submit your driver’s licence as part of the Government’s anti-money laundering regulations


Setup your HIN

Transfer your existing HIN, or open a new HIN if you want to get started as quickly as possible

To complete the application, you’ll need:

  • Driving licence
  • TFN
  • Existing HIN (if transferring)

The approval process usually takes around two business days, depending on the type of account you are opening and a few other factors.

You’ll then be a Marketech member, where our monthly access fee of $45 allows us to provide you with live pricing and ultra-low trading fees, so you can trade more and spend less.

Click below to start the process and start using the platform built for traders who want more.