Management Team

Mr Robert Marusco - Non-Executive Chairman/ Company Secretary


Rob was the founding director and driving force behind the formation of a financial planning and investment advisory organisation and formulated its strategic business development plan, business activity system and its distribution model which resulted in significant growth both in client numbers and the value of funds under advice. Rob also initiated the development of a self-managed superannuation business, growing with a significant client base and several hundred million dollars of funds under administrative and compliance advice.

Rob has developed experience and competence in equity capital markets, debt advisory and importantly operational knowledge concerning capital raising support and facilitation, corporate management including secretarial, governance and compliance dealing with the ASX, ASIC and other authorities for both ASX listed public and private corporations. Rob has considerable business advisory experience in financial services, having developed a number of business management models and systems.

As a corporate advisor, Rob was involved in the listing of many companies to the ASX including due diligence, reconstruction and recapitalisation activities, mergers, acquisitions and market takeover bids. Rob has fulfilled board roles for a number of ASX listed public and private companies as a non-executive director and company secretary along with compliance committee positions.

Mr Travis Clark - Managing Director


Travis's career has been heavily focused in sales, with almost 13 years as an Investment Adviser at Hartley Poynton /Hartleys Stockbroking. As an Authorised Representative at Hartleys, Travis gained a large amount of experience in the financial markets, both for a diverse client base and as a private investor. He is knowledgeable in both the primary and secondary markets for direct equities on the ASX, and has advised on superannuation, margin lending, managed funds and derivatives as well as being involved in a large number of corporate actions.

Travis is a private investor and was the WA Manager for Interlease Pty Ltd in commercial finance until May 2019, when he joined the Board of Marketech as the Managing Director. He is heavily involved with Variety WA, the children’s charity, with two years as the manager of a large and successful team.

Mr Jared Lawrence - Executive Director

B.Bus., BSc. (Computer Science)

Jared graduated in 2006 with a double degree in Computer Science and Business Administration, and has worked full time for Marketech since 2007, starting in a graduate role and moving through to lead developer. During this time he has built experience in a broad range of software aspects involved in trading and the ASX, including end-user interfaces, server based order management and routing, margin lending, account keeping components and connections to third party vendors such as the ASX and market data suppliers.

Jared is responsible for the design and implementation of the majority of the current software; utilising modern technology involving cloud computing and rich browser-based clients to achieve scale and accessibility to a broad number of users.

Mr Andrew Aitken - Non-Executive Director

BSc. (Computer Science)

Andrew is an experienced ICT consultant with significant experience in business development, programme delivery and senior C-level stakeholder management on large programmes of work. He has previously held the role as an ASX Responsible Executive (RE), a Designated Trading Representative (DTR) and oversaw a number of IPO ASX listings managed by Marketech.

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