Marketech have been designing online stock trading platforms for almost 20 years.

Our primary goal with Marketech Focus was to create an online mobile trading platform that is accessible, easy to use, functional & simple – yet packed with features.

The Marketech Focus platform shouldn’t need an instruction manual.

In our pricing, we recognise the major shift in the way that financial services are priced; towards fee-for-service, and away from conflicted remuneration that rewards those who benefit from high turnover.

A low monthly fee for the live market platform; with ultra-low brokerage a standard.

In its lowest-cost version, the platform is still packed with features that the casual user would expect as standard. Additional functions will be available on-demand as exchange data costs are the main determinant of pricing, so its up to you which data package suits your needs or your budget.

You only pay for the package you need.

There are a lot of new players offering super-low or zero commission trading. But many of these are offering trustee services where you own a part of a pooled fund, or highly risky designer products. With Marketech we facilitate your purchase of your own shares, held in your name at Openmarkets on your Holder Identifier Number (HIN), so you will always maintain control and ownership of your shares.

Your cash is held in your own Macquarie Cash Management Account, in your own name. You will receive the full interest payable on that account, with full access to the account.

Ultra-low brokerage, true share ownership and you keep all the interest on your cash.

Want to know more?

We are currently in the final stages of testing before staged release. To be among the first to trial the new low-cost/high-function trading app from Marketech, please register now for our Early Bird special

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