Marketech Focus – trade the new way.

Our primary goal at Marketech was to create a mobile trading platform that is accessible, easy to use, functional & simple – yet packed with features.

We also recognised the major shift in the way that financial services are priced; towards fee-for-service, and away from conflicted remuneration that rewards companies that motivate high turnover.

As such, the Marketech Focus platform shouldn’t need an instruction manual. In its lowest-cost version, the platform is still packed with features that the casual user would expect as standard. Additional functions will be available on-demand as exchange data costs are the main determinant of pricing.

It is this ‘price leader’ base model that you are now testing. And brokerage will start from $5.

Proposed Feature and Pricing set

Platform pricing is based primarily on the varying exchange data pricing levels, with some regard to cloud storage costs (ie: the volume of calculations that a user creates).

The pricing indicated is only for retail, non-professional investors.

Once available for commercial release, slated for mid-January 2020, the new platform user would be charged monthly up-front after a 2 week trial. They can elect to open a new account for trading, or purely use the information set.

The ‘Unlimited’ live streaming option will be tested early in the new year and released once ready.

The ‘Scanning’ package will then be tested and released soon thereafter.

* may be limited (to a large number) to maintain user experience, however there are be no theoretical limitations.
* may be limited (to a large number) to maintain user experience, however there are be no theoretical limitations.

Proposed Feature and Pricing set

Professional or wholesale platform pricing will be investigated.

NSX market information should be available at no additional cost.

Chi-X options should be available with streaming platform, estimated cost $10-$15.

Margin lending linkages currently unavailable but will be investigated.

Brokerage rates

The subscription to a monthly platform may allow the user to open an account for trading through Marketech.

All platforms will be charged brokerage rates of 0.02% plus GST, subject to a minimum of $5 plus GST per trade.

Want to know more?

We are currently in the final stages of testing before staged release. To be among the first to trial the new low-cost/high-function trading app from Marketech, please register now for our Early Bird special

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