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Marketech Focus is the latest trading platform for the retail ASX share investor. We combine your trading platform with your charting package and have designed it to be easy to use, easy to trade and easy to customise. It’s still packed with high level features, and some that are options.

Many trading platforms have a very good desktop version, but a poor mobile version with reduced functionality. Marketech Focus was built for you to use when you are mobile but is also available on your desktop in the same format.

Marketech Focus allows you to access ultra-low rates of brokerage to own your own shares; not end up in pooled trustee accounts or highly leveraged CFDs. And any interest you earn on your cash is paid straight back to you, as it should be!

The markets themselves charge for the display of data, and charge based on the number of price quotes you view per month. So our lowest cost version is ‘click to refresh’ and limits the number of prices you can have in a watchlist in order to keep our monthly fee as low as possible. You’ll get the news headlines immediately, but the full article is delayed by 20 minutes to keep down that cost.

If you wish to have no limits and live news and are prepared to pay a little more, you will have that option soon with our streaming upgrade. And if you want to live-scan the market for opportunities based on your trading styles, you will soon have that option too. It’s called ‘fee for service’, and it is the fairest way to charge for financial services.

Marketech Focus.

Reasons you’ll love Marketech

Trades from $5

Low monthly subscription and trades from $5 - you can get started with as little as $500!

Intuitive trading app

Trading made simple. Easy to scan your watchlist and buy & sell with just a few taps on your phone.

Stock on HIN

Trade with your Holder Identification Number, where you own real shares in your name.

Trade with any device

At home, at work, or on the go, trade with desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Trade your way in your time.

Live ASX Pricing

Listed company information including share price, news headlines and price history charts.

Price & news alerts on the go

Find out what’s happening in the markets. Receive notifications when your stocks move and updates on those you follow.

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