What is Beta Testing?

Marketech Focus has been in development for a number of years, and this stage of Beta-Testing will assist us to evaluate the overall platform experience on our base version from the users' point of view, as well as to ensure the features of the platform are working and performing as expected.

There is no charge for the platform during the beta testing stage, which is currently expected to run until mid-Jan. We will even be offering you a chance to earn some brokerage credits for helping us out!

How to access Marketech Focus

  1. Click on the ‘register here’ the link on the beta-test offer email or go to THIS LINK.
  2. Read and agree to the Beta-Test Terms and Conditions to continue
  3. Enter your email address, choose a suitable password
  4. You will be redirected to the web-based platform

To download the app to your smart-phone or tablet

  1. If using Apple: Go to the Apple Store and search for Marketech Focus, or go to THIS LINK
  2. If using Android: Go to Google Play and search for Marketech Focus, or go to THIS LINK

Username and password

  1. Go to the and select ‘my details’ to enter an alternative username (you can still continue to log-in with your email address)
  2. If you forget your password you can request a reset through the log-in page using your email address and a temporary one will be emailed to you

When will I be able to open a trading account?

 We are in the final stages of connecting the platform to place trades on the market via a third-party settlement company. We expect the process will be ready in mid-January at which point you will be invited to open an account online.

The account opening process will be online, it will open a Macquarie CMA specifically for this account and will create a HIN for you. You can transfer your existing HIN holdings if you wish.

Things we know to be ‘not quite right’, as yet…

Depth – the platform data feed is currently limiting the number of market data inquiries and this may affect the updating of the depth screen. It is possible that the depth may be slightly delayed and should not be relied upon for its accuracy. This will be repaired early in the new year after the beta-testing has been completed.

International data – this data may be delayed in the mornings for a period after the US markets close. We will monitor this and review the data source after the beta-test is complete.