We looked for the platform with the tools, data and the control traders like you need.

It didn’t exist in one place. So we built it.

Now available to all ASX investors, Marketech Focus has been built to help active traders achieve their goals.

Live ASX

Live pricing, so you get the data you need, with no 20 minute delay.

Premium charting
built in

See the markets more clearly and identify new opportunities faster.

Priced for
active traders

Innovative subscription model and trades from $5 means you can trade more and pay less.

Nothing you don't need..

No follow trading
No social media gimmicks,
No beginner guides to trading
Definitely no rocket emojis

Everything you do need

Brokerage from $5, or 0.02%

Intuitive trading app

Market movers

Live ASX Pricing

Trade with any device

Realtime alerts

Everything on your HIN

Price & news alerts on the go

Macquarie CMA, with $250,000 protection under FCS

Priced for active traders

As a Marketech member, the more you trade, the more you save compared to other online brokers.

The maximum you will pay for any individual trade is just two basis points:

Trade sizeMarketech
Big 4 brokers
e.g. Commsec
Up to $1,000$5$10
$1,000 - $10,000$5$19.85
$10,000 - $25,000$5$29.95
$30,0000.02% ($6)0.12% ($36)
$50,0000.02% ($10)0.12% ($60)
$100,0000.02% ($20)0.12% ($120)
$250,0000.02% ($50)0.12% ($300)

If you trade multiple times per month, it should be easy to see how quickly the savings will mount up using Marketech compared to other online brokers.

Transparent pricing, easy access

We’re big fans of transparency, which is why you won’t see any asterisks or confusing clauses in our pricing.

We lay it all out.

For a monthly access fee of $45, active traders benefit from live pricing, an advanced charting package and the lowest ASX brokerage fees in Australia for active traders.

It’s a premium package at a fair price.

So you can trade more and pay less.

Marketech: A history of delivering for Australian investors

We’ve been building online trading platforms for 20 years, with a focus on collating the most important data into one place and filtering out irrelevant noise.

Our technology is now available to all ASX investors, delivering many of the premium features professional institutions rely on, through an easy-to-use interface and priced to deliver value for anyone serious about trading.

What users are saying

“As a frequent trader, the brokerage is the biggest bonus for me – at $5 or 0.02%, it’s a big saving, especially if I don’t want to place a big order all at once.

Then there’s the ease with which to place, amend and delete trading orders – especially being able to do that on the chart. It’s all very fast.

The sophistication of the charting software, coupled with how easy it is to use – it’s extremely effective for those who trade a lot."

Andrew J,
Western Australia

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Five free
ASX trades

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Instantly access live
ASX pricing

View live charts and depth immediately for all ASX-listed entities

Live alerts
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Set-up free alerts based on live data, wherever you are

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