New features. New Partnerships. A pro tool for smart investors

There is a major gap between the data and technology that a professional investor uses, and those offered to retail investors. It has been this way for a long time. At Marketech we are on a mission to close this gap and deliver professional-grade products to everyday investors – at a fraction of the cost.

Unfortunately, during the bull market of the past 18 months we’ve seen the opposite occur – a dramatic rise in cheap and simple online trading companies offering little more than a buy/sell button, all competing in a ‘race to the bottom’.

In rushing to attract the hundreds of thousands of new retail investors entering the market, many platforms have cut corners to get their price down – hiding their real costs, reducing your access to the data that you need – or throwing all of your investments into one big pool to lower their costs.

We are not competing in the race to the bottom. We are competing in the ‘race to the best’.

Marketech’s unique subscription model means we are motivated to make the platform better, not encourage you to trade more.

An online broking platform for serious and active investors needs to be affordable and also easy to use – but never ‘simple’. It needs to be quick – so you can sneak a peek between meetings – and to shout out to you when you need to know that something has happened.

Marketech Focus already features live-streaming pricing, your own HIN, your own bank account, and a proper pro-styled platform. What we wanted to do was build something that didn’t cut corners, that was easier to learn.

In the next evolution of the platform, we have just announced a range of updates to make the platform even more intuitive, user friendly and professional:

·         Dark screen and colour options

·         Summary totals on depth and latest trades

·         Intra-day quick-charts on watch lists and market movers

·         Improved alert management, with ‘price alerts on the chart’

·         Watch list grouping and sorting

·         Cross-hair historical data (OHLC, vol)

·         Stock-tagging

Its quicker, easier to use, better looking, with more functions, and even a walkthrough to show you all the cool features, in case you’ve never used a trading platform before.

And it’s still only $45 a month, and brokerage is still only $5 or 0.02%.

But wait there’s more

This month we also announced an exclusive partnership with highly regarded stock market newsletter Marcus Today.

When you subscribe to Marketech Focus you will now receive free access to the ‘Marcus Today’ newsletter for two months! It normally goes for $95 a month, so there’s $190 free right there.

We’re not taking a clip if you subscribe, they’re not taking a clip if you subscribe to Marketech – but more importantly, they’re not taking a clip on your brokerage so you know the advice is designed to sell the newsletter over the long term with continual good general advice and opinion – in the same way that we want more people to buy our platform over the long term, so we are driven to make sure the platform is the best.

Marcus Today plus Marketech. Combining professional advice, professional grade data and professional grade trading tools.