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Stockhead article published 12/8/2020. We start this week with a BNPL hypothetical: With Zip Co (ASX:Z1P) currently trading around $6, a Primary School teacher (who bought ZipCo at $2), a Theoretical Physicist (who bought ZipCo at $7) and Killface (pictured; from the best TV show you’ve never seen) walk into a bar. Who is the […]

By Marketech August 17, 2020

Stockhead article published 5/8/2020. It was the year 2001. The original tech boom had severely dented market confidence and destroyed many a speculative trader well before a couple of airplanes botched their landings in NYC (it is definitely not ‘too soon’, read a paper!) and destroyed the confidence of everyone else. Once the literal dust […]

By Marketech August 7, 2020

Stockhead article published 29/7/2020. As a speculative trader I love knowing that there are others out there with less information than me, with slower platforms. It’s nice to think that there is someone on the other side of the trade that doesn’t have the right tools – it might actually mean I am doing the […]

By Marketech July 29, 2020

Kalkine Media article published 21/7/2020. From waking up with an alarm to unearthing precious metals and even the ongoing research for the COVID-19 vaccine, technology has drastically changed the way we live and work. Several businesses have witnessed immense growth over the recent years due to increased use of technology and the need for smart […]

By Marketech July 22, 2020

Stockhead article published 22/7/2020. Calm down. Let’s start with a full recap about what you know, where you got yourself into trouble and what to do next. The full article can be found at:

By Marketech July 22, 2020

Stockhead article published 15/7/2020. Petrol is highly volatile, but water isn’t. You can run a car on petrol, but you can drink water. There’s probably a really useful analogy in there somewhere, but there is always fear when anyone talks about volatility in the stock market. There shouldn’t be. The full article can be found […]

By Marketech July 15, 2020

Stockhead article published 8/7/2020. Does the announcement make you think that it could be really good, if you read it a certain way (Tick!), and does it leave the door open for uncapped speculative potential (tick tick tick … BOOOOOM!!!). The full article can be found at:

By Marketech July 9, 2020

Stockhead article published 1/7/2020. The most dangerous sentences ever uttered by a trader in speculative shares: “It’ll be different this time”. “I can’t sell, I’d get crushed by tax.” “This is a long-term hold.” The full article can be found at:

By Marketech July 1, 2020

Kalkine Media article published 24/6/2020. For a lot of people who are looking to start investing or already investing in stocks on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), having access to feature rich and yet an affordable trading platform is paramount. Furthermore, a lot of people face numerous challenges while coping with several requirements that boost […]

By Marketech June 30, 2020

Smallcaps article published 24/6/2020. Marketech is well positioned to capitalise on this large and existing market, which has grown from strong and new interest in ASX capital markets in recent months. Read the full article:

By Marketech June 24, 2020

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